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                                  Refurbished Deck Boxes


FYI...from personal experience...I really really like the Krylon Fusion spray paint. Yes, spray paint is not the most greenoption, but I'm offsetting my carbon footprint by re-using and restoring.

I have several plastic outdoor storage units. They are the Rubbermaid type. Gray and kind of ugly. They just finished staining my cabin, and I could not bring myself to put those ugly deck boxes back on the decks. I sprayed them a beautiful shade of brown and they look wonderful! I have used the Krylon plastic paint before and it really does work. The thing is, however, you really do need to let it cure for several days. Prior to that, even though it is dry to the touch, it will scratch off. BUT after the recommended 7 days, it has truly bonded. Its a wonderful way to clean up, spruce up, and re-use. Much better than tossing them out. It saved me lots of money too. The bins run about $89.00. The spray paint was $4.42 at The Home Depot. It took one full can per large bin. Not bad!

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