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Repairing and Re-using last years Garden Stakes


It's time to start preparing for gardening time! I have lots of garden stakes and I like to use them until they are truly no longer worth anything. If they break, I just use them for shorter plants until that doesn't work and I pitch them. They often are quite wiggly and crooked from last years use and abuse and I figured out a way to straighten the quite easily! This only works if you have a deck. Check for a spot on the deck where the stake will NOT fall through between two boards. When I find a safe spot, I lay my stakes between the boards. If there is an arch in the stake, I put the high side up and hammer along the length. The two deck boards act as splints and guide me through the length. I then have a perfectly straight stake ready for the new season!


Re-use, Recycle, Restore!


Tidy up a yard and garden with some unused stones. Any types of rocks or stones will do. We happened to have some Windsor Stone left over from a previous project...


We were able to contain a front garden and hopefully help keep the Bermuda grass (also known as devil grass, and if you have it you know why) out of the garden. We also surrounded a tree to better mulch and keep healthy. It also allowed tor a flower bed to stay contained as well. The shape was dictated by the roots around the tree, so it is actually an oval shape. If we had done it completely round, we would have lost too much of the yard.


We are very happy with the whole outcome. It gives the yard a finished look. Eventually, some vines will grow over and drape the wall.


So beautiful with the spring azaleas and the cherry trees blossoming!


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